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I am Humayun Kabir, owner of the Lifestyle BN Blog. I live in Satkhira, Bangladesh. I am trying to improve backward people's lifestyles. I am a pharmacist and also have a Medicine shop.

I regularly study the writings of various doctors and nutritionists. Based on that experience I write on this Blog (lifestylebn.com). 

Keep in mind, this blog is created only for general information and educational purpose. Not for any medical treatment. If you think any information wrong, please contact me.

You can find the latest news and information about lifestyle, health, and technology on this Blog. Health articles are written to give information to readers about health and medicine, not to treat them. In case of any health-related complications, you must consult a doctor, which is mentioned in each of my posts. Thanks for being with us.

You can contact me if needed.

Email: sumanelectronics2000@gmail.com

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